This video is offered by Larry Whyman, a beloved SPC church friend, who served three tours in Vietnam, 114 B-52 combat missions, and also directed the S.O.S. Glee Club. We will be  hearing music from this CD on Sunday, May 29. See SPINN for more details about Larry’s distinguished career, and another video link. Published in 2013, this one is a tribute to U.S. military service personnel who gave their all for our freedom.


Click to go to her celebration page for more photos and an 8-min video of their 1990 wedding at SPC, with the Rev. George McLaird, the Rev. Dr. Joan Carter, the incomparable Critter Crusaders as ushers, and a full complement of their family and friends, many of whom you will recognize, videotaped with love by Walter Thomson. The celebration was wonderful, rich and full. We lived it with mind, soul, and bodies, as Joan wished.

Georganne, John WattsJoan Casey Suz Parsell George Joan

Fiery Ribbons Lynn Parode rbsThis gorgeous Ribbons of Fire Sculpture was created by the incomparable Rev. Dr. Joan Carter, and incorporated into our service with love by Alison Deal. And Joan and Paul’s dual reading was sublime. Video coming!
Thank you Lynn Parode for lovely photo

Pentecost PaulPentecost Joan SharingRed Louise, Jean, Janice, Michael IMG_0863Pentecost Jim Osborn IMG_0874Pentecost Martin Inge IMG_0863Pentecost Opening Chant IMG_0880Pentecost Choir



OUR WONDERFUL NEW SIGN! How it happened . . . 


WELCOME to Sausalito Presbyterian Church

A loving and inclusive church where deeds matter more than creeds.

We are a loving, spiritual family, founded on the teachings of Jesus.
We provide a nourishing environment for the spiritual growth of all beings to serve and support others.
We encourage open-minded exploration to understand, embrace, and celebrate the grace of God.
We are a progressive congregation of the Presbyterian Church and a More Light Church.

From our pastor, Rev. Paul Mowry
Paul by Noah Berger NBA_8744b





Exciting things are always happening at church! Please drop by our website and Facebook page often as the good news is updated at least weekly.

When I first came, I was struck by the deep caring evident in the SPC community, the warm and friendly atmosphere, and the congregation’s openness to, and interest in, religious traditions other than their own. I invite you to look around and get a feel for our church. We welcome any comments or questions that might be on your mind. If you’re not currently a member of our church, or if you aren’t a “church person,” we invite you to drop in to a Sunday service or to other musical or spiritual events. You might be surprised. And of course feel free to reach out and call or e-mail me or other church staff. Contact

We hope you and your family will have a warm and spirit-filled experience with us as we worship together, share fellowship at our services and events, and serve each other and the community through our ministries.

Many blessings to you,
Pastor Paul Mowry 415-332-3790

(Photo of Paul Mowry by Noah Berger. Thank you!)  


All are welcome. All the time.
10:00 AM:
Worship Service
11:15 AM: Fellowship, coffee, tea and delicious goodies
CHILDCARE: 10:00 - 11:15
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112 Bulkley Ave., Sausalito, CA, 94965